7 Day Weightloss Project

All you need to know about the 7 Day Weightloss Project

  • What is this program?
    If you’re looking to achieve drastic weightloss over a short period of time, this is the program for you.
  • What we aim to achieve

    Every weightloss client will be pushed to their limit to achieve the “impossible”. The program is rammed with content and support from start to finish, with each member receiving meal plans, coaching sessions and access to our private online community. Your weightloss is our goal.

  • Is this program for you?

    This program caters for all ability levels, covering all types of training methods including resistance, body weight, HIIT, cardio and challenging functional workouts. Your coach will guide you through every session helping you get the most out of your weightloss experience.

  • Training schedule

    All clients must attend the full 7 days of this program. Weekday sessions are 45 minutes in duration with 2 weekend slots at 60 minutes. Simply choose your preferred training slot which is your designated training time throughout your program.

  • Assesment

    We know that monitoring your progress is paramount. You will set some personal SMART goals before you undergo your life transformation.

    These targets will be continuously monitored by you and your trainer. A full statistical analysis will take place pre, intra and post program. This includes weight, BMI, body fat, muscle, visceral fat and a full measurements breakdown.

    Please be aware that your statistics and transformation photos remain private. We’re extremely professional with everything we do, confidentiality is our top priority, sharing nothing without clients permission.

7 Day Weightloss Project


Next 7 day weightless project starts 29th October. You must be available for weigh-in day on the 28th of October AM.

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