CF Project

All you need to know about our CF Project

  • What is this program?

    The CF Project is our brand new group training package, which offers a wide range of diverse fitness and strength classes. With over 45 weekly coaching hours available, treat this as your daily training timetable. Our brand new Home of HIIT functional training facility boasts everything from a 15x4m astro turf prowler track + outdoor park to over 1,000kg of varied weights, bars and kettlebells, a fully functional second floor cafe, luxury showers and changing facilities with power supply.

  • What we aim to achieve

    We all sometimes lack support and motivation when it comes to training and living a healthy lifestyle. The CF Project offers a like minded community which enhances your fitness journey on a day to day basis, this is so much more than a regular gym membership, where you’re identified as just a number. Whether you’re looking to maintain a general level of fitness and strength or looking to transform your physique and training capacity, the CF Project has every angle covered.

  • Is this program for you?

    This program suits all levels and is facilitated by the North East’s Leading, most experienced health and fitness coaches. With up to 7 classes per day running from 5:45AM to 8:30PM, we have created a programmed timetable which leaves no excuses for you to skip training.

  • Training schedule

    Monthly memberships offer a flexible, unlimited, hassle free non-booking service for all paying monthly members, simply turn up and train.

  • Assesment

    Self assessment is encouraged with photos and measurements, with regular transformation competitions and motivational strategies set by your CF Project coaches.