CF Strong

All you need to know about CF Strong

  • What is this program?

    CF Strong has been designed to primarily focus on gaining strength. Expect heavy lifting, technique work and huge focus on muscle contraction to rev up your overall lifting ability.

  • What we aim to achieve

    CF Strong has been designed to improve the lifting power of any client, from novice to advanced. From focusing on back squats to pushing heavier over head press work, you’ll be lifting heavier by the end of this 4 week program.

  • Is this program for you?

    Whether you’re a runner or a weight lifter, strength will hugely improve your overall performance in your specific field. Strength training will help improve posture, build lean muscle and rapidly improve your mental wellbeing.

  • Training schedule

    CF Strong has been programmed over a 4 week split training format, which involves lower extremity training one day, and upper body extremity training the next with a rest day between sessions.

  • Assesment

    Coaches are continuously measuring clients strength through certified strength tests. We also track what clients are lifting which enables coaches to develop their strength.



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