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All you need to know about Online PT with Luisa

Ladies Only

Online training with me will deliver you results with the flexibility your lifestyle needs
I have been a Personal trainer for the last 4 years, gaining huge experience within large groups along with 121 clients.


Within this period my goal has always been to help others achieve their own personal goals, whether that be to lower body fat, gain muscle, improve fitness or to give their lifestyle a complete overhaul.


I understand how hard it hard to get to a gym because of work/life commitments, this is why online personal training is getting more popular.


Simply choose a time when you want to train and where you want to train. It’s easily adaptable to your life style. Over the years I’ve seen so many individuals want a quick fix, well that’s not going to work. My programs encourage no gimmicks, no fads and serious direction, with your commitment and hard work we will get you the results you are looking for.


I do expect a lot from my clients. I ask you to be honest and accountable for everything you do! I will do everything it takes to get you the results you WANT!!!


  • Together we can achieve anything
    Together we can achieve anything 💕


    With access to coaching any client anywhere in the world, there’s no excuse to not get results with me.
    Bodyweight or a combination bodyweight and weights programs are tailored towards YOUR accessibility, making workouts fun and achievable, tracking your progression as we go.


    Diet plans are simple to prepare and aimed towards your specific goals. I also send my clients monthly recipe booklets which are regularly used for weekly ‘cheat’ meals and healthy choices for family meals.
  • Is this program for you?
    If you are a lady, regardless of your age or ability I believe I can help.


    The big question I always ask is


    If the answer is yes….let’s get started.


    We will work on planning your new lifestyle top to bottom.


    Introducing new challenges will transform your outlook on the most important thing….YOU.
  • Training schedule
    Your online program will include X3 programmed training sessions per week along with cardio challenges set to do on the days you choose.


    You choose the times you train, simply logging your results within your personalised coaching APP.


    Each day we will discuss how you’re getting on, with any questions or support always attended too.


    I am your coach who cares about your results.
  • Assesment
    Each week I ask my clients to log key measurements so we can track your progression.


    My online coaching APP allows you to load your stats, compare your progression and upload progression photos.


    Every weekend I expect these key measures to be uploaded.


    This always gives me an indication if your program is working, if not why not, then we can adapt to help get better results the following weeks to come.



Online PT With Luisa


Pre-assessment dates:
>> 6th June
>> 22nd June

Online meeting to discuss your programming:
START DATE – 22nd June

12 week program prices at £120 per month.

I do not wish to work with anyone who is after a short-term fix.

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