28 Day Online Shred

All you need to know about the 28 Day Online Shred

  • What is this program?

    Our BRAND NEW 28 DAY online shred is one of our most popular services, heavily focusing on transforming your health and fitness goals.

    • Daily Set challenges and workouts
    • Premium meal plans
    • Full FIT3D scan access
    • Pre & Post transformation photos
    • Body weight and equipment based workouts
    • Online members area
    • Access to online coaching APP
  • What we aim to achieve

    Creating a healthier fitter version of you.

    This course has been programmed to deliver the pinnacle of body-composition transformations online. Shred stubborn fat, gain lean muscle mass, challenge your physical capabilities along with your mental mindset.

  • Is this program for you?

    28 day online shreds are like no other program Cobalt Fitness offers.  You’ll be pushing your limits from the word go, from the comfort and ease of your own surroundings.


    Your online personal trainer Luisa will focus on developing you from the word GO.

  • Training schedule

    It is compulsory for all clients to attend a minimum of 5 online sessions out of a possible 7 per week. The benefit of our online training program is you choose the time you train.

  • Assesment

    We know that monitoring your progress is paramount. You will set some personal SMART goals before you undergo your life transformation.

    These targets will be continuously monitored by you and your trainer. A full statistical analysis using our state of the art industry leading FIT3D Body scanner will take place weekly with results being linked directly to your online account.

    Clients will also be asked to register weekly progression photos, which will be assessed by your coach.

    Please be aware that your statistics and transformation photos remain private. We’re extremely professional with everything we do, confidentiality is our top priority, sharing nothing without clients permission.

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Why choose 28 Day Online Shred?


Online 28 Day Shred


Dates listed are the start date for that month, all shreds run for 28 days.

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