PT with Chris Hartley

All you need to know about PT with Chris Hartley

  • Together we can achieve anything
    I’ve been working in the health and fitness sector for 14 years plus 5 years of studying at degree level. Experience and knowledge are my two transformation weapons, I let the clients results do the talking. As a coach I’m firm and have high standards in what I want from my clients. Learning your way is all part of the journey, as long as you apply your efforts to the advice I give, failure is not an option.
  • Is this program for you?
    The beauty of personal training is your coaching program is tailored towards you. If you have an specific requirements or goals, these needs will be carefully planned into your training schedule.
  • Training schedule
    Your training session times are the selected times you have chosen to purchase (see availability). You will also receive programmed workouts via your online coaching APP which sets your daily challenges and workouts outside the gym.
  • Assesment
    Weekly access to our state of the art Fit3D body scanner. Weekly photo progression assessment. Daily accountability for food and training via online APP.

PT with Chris Hartley


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