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All of our shred clients will receive access to their selected training time program. Once signed up you will also be added to our online social platform's.


All Shred clients will gain full access to our brand new shred lifestyle app, this includes set training programs from your coach and accountability tracking.


Our famous fatloss diet plans are INCLUDED within all shred packages. Transforming your lifestyle and body composition is just the tip of the iceberg.


All shred programs offer your very own exclusive training time within a small group of 4 shredders, groups remain the same for 6 weeks


All Shred clients receive full unlimited access to our state of the art, market leading FIT3D body assessment scanning technology. This includes every statistic sent direct to your private online account.

How to use our BoxMate App

All you need to know about Santa Shred

  • How many times per week do i train?

    Project Shred offers coach led training within our functional Home of Shred facility x3 sessions per week. We also lead online coaching sessions, challenges and regular contact via our brand new BoxMate app and email support.

  • What do i receive?

    All shred clients receive exclusive private group training in small groups of 5 members. VERY RARE AND VERY IMPORTANT AT THIS CURRENT TIME. Programs also include diet plans, workout videos and online support from our brand new coaching app. Clients gain unlimited access to our Fit3D body assessment scanner whilst also registering and evaluating progression photos. 6 weeks access to x3 45 minute personal training sessions per week.6 weeks access to online personal training with daily coach contact/feedback.

  • Do you need to book classes?

    Once selected your training time program you are not required to book into your class.

    Guaranteed small groups every workout.

  • Am i fit enough for shreds?

    Our shred programs are perfect for all levels of ability. Whether you’re brand new to fitness or an experienced gym goer, you will be pushed to your maximum capabilities. Training programs have been designed to build and challenge each and every client safely and effectively.

  • What type of training is involved?

    We cover a range of workouts which are motivating and hugely challenging. Expect lifting, functional movements, and fitness start to finish. Our aim is to push each individual to their limits, maximising results whilst most of all enjoying their workouts.

  • What are the average group sizes?

    Cobalt Fitness is renowned for delivering exceptional, professional, experienced coaching within semi-private personal training. Our brand new Project Shred program caps class group sizes at a maximum of x5 people per session.

  • What results should i expect?

    We are proud to represent some of the countries most successful transformations. Check out our transformation gallery. Our Shred programs promote many health and performance benefits, not to mention your body composition being a prime focus.


    Fatloss | Muscle gain | Fitness | Strength | Movement | Mental Well-Being | Teamwork

  • Who will my coach be?

    All Cobalt Fitness coaches have over 30 years experience combined. Your program will be assigned it’s very own coach who will lead you through your brand new lifestyle for the next 6 weeks. Get to know your coach during session time, but most importantly they will get to know you, your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Can i train with health implications?

    All clients are required to fill in a Health Par Q questionnaire prior to their first workout session.

    Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options.

    Email – cobaltfitness@hotmail.com

  • When are pre-assessments and photos recorded?

    This will be by appointment only arranged within 3 days prior to program start date.

  • Do i have to attend all of the sessions?

    We ask clients to attend as many sessions as they can. The more you attend the better your results will be. If you have any holidays booked in, or you know you will miss part of your program, please contact us to discuss your options.

    Remember Santa Shred is a 6 week lifestyle transformation program, we want you to live your life whilst achieving results.

  • What does the diet plan consist of?

    We are proud to represent and promote well balanced food intake to all of our clients.

    We understand that food plans must work for your busy schedules, otherwise you’ll struggle to commit to something right? Easy to prepare, tasty meals where you’re with you never left feeling hungry. Please contact us direct if you have any special dietary requirements.

  • What do i need to wear?

    It’s important that all of our clients feel comfortable when working out, a good pair of trainers is a must. We advise clients to wear layers, there’s nothing worse than being TOO HOT.

  • Will i lose weight on shreds?

    Yes. We are proud to record huge weight-loss along with fat loss for many clients. Weight-loss will differentiate between members, depending on many contributing factors, our primary focus is fat-loss, muscle gain and inches.

  • Do i need to buy anything specific?

    You will need to buy a few things which are hugely relevant to your shred program.

    Protein – we will advise you on what we recommend before starting your program.

    Food Scales – weighing your food is paramount on a daily basis

    Supplements – these are optional but will help with recovery, regulation and general well-being

  • How do i pay?

    Checkout using the product below;

    Early bird option £235 (£100 deposit available) to receive this rate, full balance must be paid by 28th of September.

    Regular price £255 (£100 deposit available)


Santa Shred 2020



The price per program above includes the Early Bird discount.

Please note* the £100 deposit is non-refundable, if for any unforeseen circumstances change the current climate due to covid-19 this program will be automatically transferred to our online Santa Shred virtual platform.

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